Aventos Global Management Consultancy is among top recruitment agencies in Abu Dhabi

We, Aventos Global Management Consultancy is among top recruitment agencies in Abu Dhabi, UAE, providing manpower supply and recruitment services to oil and gas industries in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE and across the globe.  We are rated as top recruitment agency in Abu Dhabi specialize in recruitment of professionals and labors to Oil & Gas companies in UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman and across Middle East. At AGMC we recruit best of the talented professionals, We also provide recruitment and management consultancy services to the countries like New Zealnad, Austrailia, United Kingdom, Canada and across the Globe. Come, grow with us!

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Avantos Global Management Consultancy can help you with picking out the best people for your company.

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People Cohesion

We have a strong cohesive team that understands their role, embraces their strengths and is committed to the overall team goals.

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Team leadership

Builds cohesive and productive work and project teams in order to achieve the required outputs, either as a work unit or as a component within the organization.

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We act as partners in the customer journey understanding their business and specific issues as their first priority being aware of the outcomes of the process. You can expect a well-informed journey with us as we care for you.

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We review, challenge and where necessary, redirect your innovation and customer focus so that you can get true value from your initiatives strategically.

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Networking & Communication

We have a wide range of valuable clients with whom we maintain a very healthy relationship whether it’s introducing you to a potential customer, partner, or key hire, we understand your business and needs in a way that few others do and will help connect you with win-win relationships that can drive performance and growth. Communication serves as the foundation of every facet of any business.

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Who We Are

Aventos Global Management Consultancy (AGMC) specializes in matching the right talent to the right job opportunities across the Globe.

We work on exclusive assignments as we are the top Recruitment Providers for our clients.

Our primary activity is permanent placements and temporary staffing for either single, large volume or ongoing staffing requirements.

We recruit at all levels from junior to senior and across a broad range of employee categories and sector.


AGMC can help you pick out the best talent for your company.

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Expertise - Since 2004

We own a legacy of 15 plus years in the industry which makes us trustworthy

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We have a very responsive team who are always hands-on to serve our customers and to answer any queries from both employers and employees.

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Talent Pool

Our extensive database of candidates helps us to place the right candidate for the right position. We urge our candidates to drop n their CVs to our database so that we can get in touch with them when suitable openings come up.

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